Blog - Florida 2018

Day 1 - 10th January 2018

Warm Rain
Well, thousands of miles and it is still raining; but it is warm rain! Arrived in Miami late last night after travelling on an Airbus 380 - huge - too big to ever get off the ground. How do they do that. We are staying in South Beach in a lovely art deco hotel called The Shepley. Today we have done over 19,000 steps, according to Geoff's Fitbit.

This morning we went north and visited the Bass Museum of Contemporary Art. We have been to contemporary art museums and galleries before (usually when it is raining and we have nothing else to do) but this one was very different. It was funny and made you smile - a lot. A huge hall full of clowns. The security guard told us not to worry as one one was real! Very bizarre and very spooky, especially as I had watched 'It' on the plane. a Stephen King story including a very nasty clown!

This afternoon we walked nearly the whole length of Miami Beach to reach the Jewish Museum of Florida where we spent a couple of hours learning about the history of Florida. All in all a good day.

It has started to rain again but the server in the restaurant assures me that it is going to stop tomorrow! Fingers crossed.