Blog - Florida 2018

DAY 2 - 11TH JANUARY 2018

Sunshine at last
Day 2 started with much frustration - our car would not start. After the rental company called out the breakdown people and we had to return to the airport to change our vehicle (which they did upgrade) we were off again. Negotiating downtown Miami was a little scary but we managed to get out the other side. Off to the Everglades. We were looking forward to returning to The Loop road which was crammed with wildlife on our previous visit. Not so this time. A few alligators but very few of anything else. However, when we came out the other end back onto the main road the wildlife was superb. As well as huge alligators we came across Roseate Spoonbills, Egrets, Ibis, Wood Storks, and even a very strange thing. We think it was a lungfish, about a foot long with eyes and nostrils and out of the river, but very much alive.

The evening light was lovely and I managed to get some OK pics. We did visit Clyde Butcher's Gallery to see his latest images. Personally I think he is better than Ansel Adams but that is probably sacrilegious to say. If you can sell your A3 pics at $750 you cannot be bad. To see them in very large format was wonderful.

The sun gone down we headed for Naples and back to civilisation. In other words lots of traffic lights. Spent a lovely evening in the town just wandering, Italian dinner and home to bed. Off to Alison's tomorrow.