Blog - Florida 2018

DAY 5 - 14TH JANUARY 2018

Family Photo
Bird Watching
The day was spent looking for birds to photograph. We went to a place called Celery Field, lots of water and nice walks. However, not many birds. It was a cold day with a biting wind. There was a lovely fishing pier and we did see a Purple Gallinule, but it would not get in the right place to be photographed. Very frustrating.

We then paid a visit to a local rookery. Loads of photographers with very very long lenses. It was by then coming up to sunset and all the birds were coming in. Beautiful giant egrets, blue herons and anhingas. Lots of photographic opportunities, but so cold we gave in in the end and went home.

Dinner was in a lovely Italian Restaurant in Venice, which was absolutely packed at 6.30 but empty by 8 pm.

Going through my photos I have a few but this bird photography lark is not easy.