Blog - Florida 2018

DAY 6 - 15TH JANUARY 2018

Giant Egret taking in the morning sun
Today we woke up to the sunshine and as the day wore on it got warmer and warmer. This is more like it but they tell us it is not going to last. Alison and I returned to the rookery this morning. The light was lovely but it was still cold. Once again all the long lenses were there. I do not think you can ever be here alone. The giant Egrets with their beautiful feathers are so lovely to photograph. They appeared to be building their nests whilst the Giant Blue Herons already had chicks that looked like little punk rockers. A few baby anhingas were also around. If you lived here you would be tempted to come very day as there is always so much going on. I still cannot manage to crack photographing birds in flight!

Alison invited me to the Venice Camera Club, where I gave a presentation as a guest a couple of years ago. They metal 9.30 a.m. weekly! You can tell it's membership is mainly retired. After members all showed their images I showed my A panel, which went down very well. Most of the images shown were very colourful, my pastel flowers were very different but appeared to be well received. There were lots of questions.

Geoff played golf with Jim for the second day running. By then it had urned into the most beautiful day and coats were actually left at home.

Our last dinner here, which was lovely. Off tomorrow back to the Everglades.