Blog - Florida 2018

DAY 8 - 17TH JANUARY 2018

Texture picture!
Not the best day
We will not be eating at the restaurant again - both of us have tummy upsets.

We went off this morning to Goodland, which is the back was into Marco Island. We had been told they have lovely restaurants and it is a nice place. Those who told us that obviously do not have the same standards. To be fair it could be a wreck of a place because of the hurricane. The whole place was run down. I do not think it is somewhere we will be returning to.

We had seen an advert for a private photography trip, which was on a huge poster just outside the hotel lobby, saying to see the receptionist to book! - She was not helpful, knew nothing about it, had never heard of it and sent us away. So set off for Everglades City where the company was based. We stayed in EC before and it has not changed. It is not quite what you would call a city, although it does have a City Hall, a handful of B and Bs and one restaurant where the whole population of the place appeared to be eating. You go through EC and onto a causeway which leads to a little island called Chokoloskee. There appeared to be a huge motorbike convention there. Obviously out for a lovely day. It was in the 70s.

We found the company and booked our trip for Saturday afternoon - 3.15 to 6.00 pm, after a long discussion about good light etc. We will be accompanied by a naturalist photographer. I am really looking forward to it. It did mean we have to book another two nights in the hotel but never mind. The sunset is beautiful so I may add a photo later.

Not a good afternoon as had to come back to the hotel and nurse my very very bad tummy. No food tonight. Lets hope we feel better tomorrow.