Blog - Florida 2018


A nature photography day
The day started out sunny, but below freezing! So glad I wore something warm on the plane. Today we planned to go back down the loop where all the wildlife seemed to be. However, it defeated us apart from one Night Heron which we had not seen before. Obviously stuff does not come out in the cold. They are not used to this. Back to the main 41 Tamiami Trail. This route through the Everglades is much busier than it was when we came before, but still not bad. We think the increase in traffic is because of the increase in tolls on the 75. However, there are still not many lorries and there are huge gaps when there is nothing.

My list for today included kingfishers, female anhingas and wood storks. I love wood storks. Loads of alligators, piles of them in places. So much so you had to be very vigilant where you walked. Geoffrey found me two kingfishers but I managed to spook them both, even though I thought I was the picture of stealth creeping up behind vegetation. Loads of male anhingas but no females. It is one bird where the female is much prettier than the male.

In the end we came away with Roseate Spoonbills and turtles. At one point we stopped by a photographer who looked serious. He seemed very cross and thought we had stopped to see what he was looking at. He walked away from me shaking his head. However, when I called after him that there were Roseate Spoonbills down the road he became very friendly!

A not too unsuccessful day and lots of fun. We returned to the hotel to sit and watch the tour boats out looking for manatees. The harbour is full of them but you need not go on a tour, just stand on the edge of the harbour. I cannot see why just watching a nose pop up for a second in brackish water is worth paying for. They need to go to Florida Springs and see them in crystal clear water. Perhaps I am just saying that as I have been there.

As you can imagine there are not too many places to eat in the middle of the Everglades so, against our better judgement we returned to Goodland to a recommended restaurant. The only other restaurant there was closed as it was too cold to sit outside. They are wimps down here.

Glad we returned though as we had a superb meal - crab cakes which I love. Home in the dark watching out for panthers, which have been seen this week, but just a racoon which we managed to avoid becoming roadkill.

Only two more days here and then we move on - haven't decided where yet!