Blog - Florida 2018

DAY 13 - 22ND JANUARY 2018

Rest and Relaxation
Today has been a bit of a lazy day.

We had a walk down the beach this morning at low tide to see what shells were about. Where before the beach has been littered with live conches and other shells, there was ‘nothing’. A bit of a shock for the supposed shell capital of the world. Whether things have changed with the hurricane or it is because it has been so cold and the shells have moved further out to sea, we are not sure. We will find someone to ask. We did come across a lady who has found a huge conch shell, but she had only seen the top of it in the sand and thought it was a rock. However, she said something made he go back and have another look and she dug about a bit, and hey presto, uncovered a lovely specimen.

Late breakfast at The Lighthouse which is at the far end of the island. They boast that they serve the best breakfast in the world. It is not at all bad but I would hardly say it is the best. Their French Toast was magic though. It is always packed and we did go there when we visited before. There is always a queue but it does not take long. There is a lovely atmosphere and it is well worth the wait.

There followed a visit to the Ding Darling Nature Preserve, which is a four mile trail through the preserve, which covers about a third of the island. Much to our surprise we saw more Giant White Pelicans, which I never tire of. A single roseate spoonbill and various other birds which we had already come across, plus one lone alligator. However, it was a lovely way to spend a couple of hours. Because of the Government Shut Down some of the national parks are closed but the State Parks still seem to be open.

We spent the afternoon doing interesting things like our laundry, followed by a sit in the sun and a swim in the pool. That is it today. I will try harder tomorrow! The picture is our short walk to the beach.