Blog - Florida 2018

DAY 14 - 23RD JANUARY 2018

Where did the sun go?
Not quite like yesterday! It rained a lot overnight and this morning there was a sea fog. We were expecting it so we cannot be too disappointed. We endeavoured to find a 'healthy' breakfast this morning, not an easy thing here. We thought we would share a fresh fruit plate and some granola. It was huge! So much so that we brought over half the granola and half the fruit home. Tomorrow's breakfast!

We set off to Captiva, which is at the north end of the island. Because of the weather the traffic is so sparse and there are no cyclists. It is wonderful. Captiva is the millionaires end of the two islands. The houses are huge and nearly every one has some kind of service vehicle in the driveway, whether it is landscaping, pool cleaning or some such. We also had a bit of retail therapy. I have seen a scarf I fell in love with but cannot decide to make the investment. Nothing is cheap here, but things are different. When we first came you could buy different styles for a song, but not any more.

Spent the afternoon reading. It has stopped raining but is very misty. Geoff actually went and sat by the pool hoping that the sun was going to come through. It tried a number of times but with no success. He could not believe that people have put towels on chairs even in this weather. Most people are wrapped up in mac and coats, this is cold for them, but it is in the 70s!

Went for a walk down the beach. As you can see from the photo the shell seekers are still out. I nearly did not take my camera but was glad I changed my mind as the images have a lovely misty quality and I am quite pleased with them. There are only 5 that I felt worked but hey ho.

Moving south tomorrow so we can be near Corkscrew Swamp where we want to spend a couple of days. Should hopefully be fun and a little sunnier, fingers crossed. We plan to be at the entrance when it opens so we can be some of the first in and hopefully the birds etc will not have been scared away. This was where we saw a Ghost Orchid last time we were there. These are very rare and worth an awful lot of money to collectors. It was very high up in a tree and we have since learned that had it been within reach they would not have pointed it out for fear of it being stolen. The biggest Ghost Orchid plant in the world grows here but they have to show you in through a scope as it is about 100 up and away from the boardwalk.

We have seen all sorts of signs since we have been here including watch out for gopher tortoises. However, the best one today - Watch out for Low Flying Owls!

Off to find dinner - something healthy!