Blog - Florida 2018

DAY 15 - 24TH JANUARY 2018

Time for a sundowner
And the sun shone ...
Today has been a travelling day, with a bit of retail therapy. We left leaving West Wind Inn until the absolute last moment and had a last trip around a couple of the malls on Sanibel. They just have the most wonderful things, much better than we have in the UK.

Leaving the island was a bit sad, going over the causeway it is just such a beautiful day. The only thing we missed this time was seeing some dolphins. It is the hottest and clearest day we have had, supposedly in the mid 80s.

Our next stop is Bonito Springs. Having been to Ford Myers (it’s neighbour) before, which we thought was rather downmarket and the American version of ‘kiss me quick’ hats etc, our hopes for Bonito Springs were not high. How wrong we were. All along the shoreline are the most opulent huge private residences you could imagine. The roads are paved beautifully. It is truly amazing.

The Barefoot Beach Reserve is at the end of the island and you have to drive through all this opulence to get there, which I am sure they do not like. There are even notices telling you that you cannot stop your car if you are on your way to the beach. It is all very bizarre.

I always think these places would look so much better if they followed the English and European custom of having a promenade between the houses and the sea. There is always just this line of scrub between them. It is as though the ‘normal’ people are not allowed to be there. We have found the same all down the East coast of Florida, where it is so difficult to get a glimpse of the sea. When you drive through these private residences there is hardly anyone around and I expect that the majority of the houses are second homes and empty for the majority of the year.

We drove down to the Preserve and walked along the beach where they charge you $25 to hire a sun lounger for the day! How the other half lives.

We did come across a few Gopher tortoises, so named because they dig large deep burrows, which are used by other animals. It is against the law to keep them as pets apparently.

The only reason we are staying here is so we can go to Corkscrew Swamp, which I have just informed Geoff, opens at 7 am!