Blog - Florida 2018

DAY 19 - 28TH JANUARY 2018

Rain, rain, rain ....
Not a wonderful day, it was good that we were travelling. It started off well when we left Bonito Beach but the further we came north the darker it got. We did a little detour to Cape Coral to see if we could find any more burrowing owls, but no luck. Then the rain came. Since then it has got worse and worse. Hopefully it is a clearing up storm!

We arrived early to check in at the hotel so went for a look around at Siesta Beach, which pertains to be the best beach in the world. I would not argue with them. You just have to take your shoes off and feel the cornflour like sand between your toes. It is a shame as they have drumming on the beach on a Sunday evening but the rain will put paid to that today I feel.

I have added a photo from yesterday of a doggy I came across in Naples. Does this count as good taste for our next VA Group?