Blog - Florida 2018

DAY 20 - 29TH JANUARY 2018

The last dreary day - I hope!
Got a bit behind as nothing much to report. As it was so grey we went on a mooch around at St Armands Circle, a high class shopping street. Managed to find a nice new top. It is not difficult to find clothes you like here. We then went off to Longboat Key, where I remembered a broken groyne which was crowded with pelicans as a piece of it had fallen into the sea and it was unreachable from the beach. We were not quite sure where it was and it was about 6 years ago! We found it but they had spent lots of money and mended all the broken groynes - hence no pelicans.

Not raining but so so grey. In the evening we went back to Siesta Key to a restaurant we had been to previously. Wonderful. The best lump crab cake I have ever had, followed by a 'kiddies size' ice cream at an Amish ice cream shop run by Olaf!

So many Harleys which Geoff loves. This chap was lovely in his dungarees and loafers with no helmet. Only in America!