Blog - Florida 2018

DAY 22 - 31ST JANUARY 2018

Heading East
We left Venice in the morning and it was sad to leave Alison and Jim. We aimed to make it to Key Largo today. The idea was to hit the I 75 and blitz it all the way. The journey should take about 3 hours. However! Geoff asked me if I would like to go and check on the burrowing owls. How could I refuse. Therefore the 41 instead and a detour to Cape Coral. We did see one pair of owls but by the time we got back to photograph them they had disappeared down their hole. A bit of a wasted journey but you have to try to succeed.

If we had stuck to the 75 we would have crossed the Everglades without stopping, as you cannot stop on the freeway. BUT we stayed on the 41 (Alligator Alley) and just had to stop a few times. Distracted by wood stocks, and stopping to take pictures of the post office. It was by now late afternoon and the light was lovely. In the end we managed to get to our hotel in Key Largo by just before 7 pm, just before the reception closed!

We have already seen the effect of Hurricane Irma. There is so much damage in Marco Island and around. But here we have only stopped in our hotel and there is building here and the pool is out of bounds. One of our favourite restaurants from a previous visit, which is next door to the hotel, is badly damaged. So much that they are open but only offering snacks. We will see the true effect in the daylight tomorrow.

The photo is from the restaurant over the harbour.

On the news they said there was a blue and blood moon and partial eclipse this morning. I quite expected to see a Facebook message from John Baker with a photo of it but am not sure whether it could be seen from the UK.

A bit of rest and relaxation now for a couple of days before the journey home.