Blog - Florida 2018

DAY 23 - 1ST FEBRUARY 2018

This is heaven. Pelicans constantine floating overhead, a gentle breeze and temperatures in the high 70s. What with that and being in a half empty lovely hotel which looks like something out of an Ernest Hemmingway film, what more could you want. My only quibble would be that the windows in our room do not open so you cannot hear the sound of the ocean and the osprey calling nearby.

The picture was taken on the hotel's tiny private beach this morning. A rustling in the narrow strip of mangroves along the edge and this was the result. I presume in breeding colours. On investigation there appeared to be a couple like this and a fair few smaller and browner (females I presume). I love his aggressive stance.

A bit of sun and then off to investigate a bit of the Keys. We are in key Largo and are not venturing down to Key West this time, having been there 3 times before, even though it is tempting.

There is so much damage here from the hurricane, and so much building work going on. There will be some very rich builders, and especially roofers, by the end of it.

We have found a fish market with a restaurant attached so will be off there in a couple of hours. I am not sure whether the hurricane, or the colder weather has frightened people off but there do not appear to be so many tourist around. The locals are all wearing coats! They think high 70s is cold!