Blog - Florida 2018

DAY 24 - 2ND FEBRUARY 2018

Last Day
Our last whole day and we woke up to the most beautiful sunrise from our bedroom window.

We went off today down The Keys to see how far it would be before we could get to the edge. This always appears to be a problem in the US. You can see the se from the road but every little lane or entrance either says private or no trespassing.

We drove nearly all the way to Marathon before the land becomes National Park. We stopped at a place where they were feeding Tarpon, the most huge game fish. It was a case of who got there first, the fish or the pelican. The fish won mostly. I have never seen such huge fish move so quickly. Fascinating. My last time playing with photographing pelicans. I love them, they are like clowns.

On the way back we found a little beach, where the road had been completely turned over by the hurricane. Out to sea was a line of posts, each with its own bird on top. Lots of fun. Very minimalist photography but the results are quite nice.

The trouble with bringing your computer away with you and processing the images as you go is that by the time you go home you know them so well and there are no surprises when you go through them at home. BUT.... you also do not have to spend hours and hours processing them at home. Swings and roundabouts I think.

Lovely last dinner at a place called Hobos.

Back at the hotel the moon was huge and red when it came up. I find it impossible to photograph. There is a bar next to the hotel and they had live country music this evening which was very entertaining.

We have just checked in on our flight but we have all day to pass tomorrow. Perhaps a sit by the pool in the morning and get ready to leave here by about 5 pm.

I could not imagine what it must have been like to be here during the hurricane so I looked up some videos that people took at the time. Unbelievable. I am not surprised they evacuated.

The picture is the view from our room this afternoon.This really is a lovely place. A far cry from a few months ago, although the debris and wreckage is very evident.