Blog - Tenerife 2019

Day 1- See the town

Atlantic seas
Leaving Exeter at 7.30 am yesterday we were ensconced in the hotel by 11 am.
Just what we were looking for. A walk into town for the morning and the afternoon by the pool, but it did not quite work out like that. Puerto de la Cruz is an interesting town with shopping area and eating area. Also a lovely walk along the sea edge. Gosh was the sea rough, there was no chance of anything getting into the harbour. We ended up staying for lunch in a lovely Spanish restaurant where the speciality was paella. More walking and even walking back to the hotel but was all uphill. We have certainly done our steps today - 15,000 in total!

We have decided that the hotel is only about quarter full. Hardly anyone in the lounge in the evening, where they have live music each evening, and most that were when the music started, left. Resorted to BBC1 and Murder in Paradise in our room. Absolutely exhausted after all that walking.