Blog - Tenerife 2019

Day 2 - Investigate the Hotel

Puerto de la Cruz Street Art
Excuse to sit in the sun!
We spent the morning sat around the pool in the Spa, and very nice it was too. Geoff went off for a massage and returned very chilled. Hot stones no less, not something he had experienced before. We complained this morning that the air conditioning was not working as it was extremely hot in the night. The very nice chap in reception explained that was because the heating is now on! He suggested we just turn it off. Felt a bit silly. It is very hot to us.

Lunch out in a very nice restaurant opposite the hotel called The Magnolia. Time for a siesta. We will definitely not be doing 15,000 steps today!

Picture of some street art, which is extraordinary here. They have art all over the town, some very strange and some superb. This was on the side of a playground at a school!