Blog - Tenerife 2019

Day 3 - Out and About

Another bit of street art
Morning by the pool - this is becoming a regular timetable! After enjoying the sun for a couple of hours we went back into town. A lazy wander about and then lunch. Italian this time but in a lovely little street we have found with all sorts of nationalities of restaurants in it. I cannot get over the street art. Every now and again there is a notice with the art all numbered and bits about the artists. The sea has definitely calmed down. It is a completely different place. People out all along the sea wall and swimming and fishing. Must busier but it is a Saturday. Geoff did not make me walk back to the hotel today, we actually got a taxi. Still did over 10,000 steps. He is determined to get me fit.

Brilliant group in the bar this evening, 2 chaps and 2 girls. They played a bit of everything, We went to bed very late for us at 9 pm! The barman said that there is sand in the air and that it is not good for people with asthma. But he did say that this lovely weather is due to carry on for another few days. It is unusual for the time of year. Very hot indeed and no clouds, so far.